Under 13s

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20/09/2019 08:02
Successful District Representation

  The Mighty Quins conveyor belt continues to work. Last week we were thrilled to provide the majority of the starting 15 for Carmarthen and District Under 15s side (pictured)  and also representation in the Mynydd Mawr and Dinefwr Under 15s. This week its the turn of the Under 11s following a number of training sessions 13 players from our under 11s and one from the under 10s have made it through to represent Carmarthen and District Under 11s. The section is extremely proud of all players who have been selected to represent the district on behalf of Carmarthen Quins RFC. .....


Carmarthen Quins Mini and Juniors @CQuinsMandJ
17/11/2019 17:23:38
Here’s our under 7s, 8s and 9s supporting #AntiBullyingWeek2019 @ABAonline https://t.co/DlVl0aHfV7


Carmarthen Quins Mini and Juniors @CQuinsMandJ
17/11/2019 16:58:25
@ABAonline Carmarthen Quins under 10s showing their support for #AntiBullyingWeek2019 https://t.co/EgLkgXoceC


Carmarthen Quins Mini and Juniors @CQuinsMandJ
17/11/2019 16:10:46
And last but by no means the least the @NewYorkWelsh under 15s drew 20 all with Gowerton and the Under 18s continue… https://t.co/QkDbohVUIg


Carmarthen Quins Mini and Juniors @CQuinsMandJ
17/11/2019 16:07:31
In the two derby games against @CarmAthletic the under 12s lost their cup game 12 6 but the under 13s won their gam… https://t.co/TPxgJjtRRv